Who Uses Farm Fodder Direct Hydroponic Food Fodder Systems?


Farm Fodder Direct provides hydroponic food fodder systems to farming, agriculture, livestock and retail services across Australia. Some of the services and businesses who use our food fodder systems include:

✔Farmers. Why? Because they love to have the luxury of being able to automate the humidity and temperature control, water spraying, and ozone sterilisation. They also like the fact that all our food fodder systems include a three-year replacement warranty, not only on the standard inclusions but on the chiller units as well.

✔Stock and Station Agents. Why? Because they buy direct and save time, energy and money dealing with the one complete service that provides a perfect solution.

✔Hobby Farmers. Why? They appreciate our years of experience in supplying hydroponic food fodder systems while also enjoying the benefits of reducing their fee costs and the amount of manual labour when it comes to feeding their livestock.

✔Stock and Feed Store Wholesalers & Retailers. Why? With competition at an all-time high, many stock and feed stores come to Farm Fodder Direct for advice and Australia’s best-priced food fodder machines.

They also appreciate our years of industry experience and that we have a great range of food fodder machines for them and their customers to choose from.

Additionally, as business owners, purchasing costs and profit margins matter, as does the quality. This is just another reason why stock and feed store wholesalers and retailers rely on Farm Fodder Direct hydroponic food systems, as they are buying directly from us and know the quality of our hydroponic food fodder systems are second to none!

With a three-year replacement warranty on standard inclusions and the chiller unit and a one-year warranty on faulty quality where we will fix or replace it, there are many benefits for you to use Farm Fodder Direct hydroponic fodder systems.

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When it comes to livestock food fodder systems there is no shortage of choice. However, choosing the right food fodder system for your specific need is crucial. And even if you have knowledge and experience with food fodder systems, advancements in their features and technology are always taking place, which can make it hard to keep up and get the latest options.

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