Frequently Asked Questions About Farm Fodder Direct Hydroponic Fodder Systems.

“Just Add Grain, Water And Plug In!”

When it comes to hydroponic livestock food fodder systems,there is no shortage of choice. However, choosing the right food fodder for your specific need is crucial.

And even if you have knowledge and experience with food fodder systems, advancements in their features and technology are always taking place, which can make it hard to keep up and get the latest options.

Q. Do you deliver fodder machines Australia-wide?
Yes, we can organise delivery to you anywhere in Australia.

Q. Does the product meet Australian Standards?
Absolutely. All our products are made to Australian Standards AS/NZS 3000:2018.

Q. What sizes do your hydroponic fodder food systems come in?
We have three different sizes available: 50kg per day, 100kg per day and 500kg per day.
Q. What warranty do your products have?
We offer a 3-year replacement warranty on standard inclusions and the chiller unit.

Q. How easy are these machines to set up?
The machines are exceptionally easy to set up; you just add grain, water and plug them in.

Q. How easy are your food fodder machines to use?
Remarkably easy – the whole process is fully automated, with automatic temperature control, automatic water spray, automatic humidity control, and automatic sterilisation. It couldn’t be simpler to grow your fodder!

Q. How long is the cycle?
The seedling production cycle takes 6-8 days and is not affected by weather or season.

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