Benefits Of Using Hydroponic Food Fodder Systems From Farm Fodder Direct.


“Just Add Grain, Water And Plug In!”

With Farm Fodder Direct, you’ll experience many benefits using our expertise, knowledge and hydroponic food fodder systems.

With years of experience working on sheep and cattle stations and using food fodder systems daily, each customer we have values different things and benefits from using our food fodder systems.

Some of the benefits you can look forward to include:

#1. Buy your food fodder system direct – while we supply food fodder systems to farmers, stock and station agents retail stores, you get to buy your food fodder from us direct, saving you time, energy and money.

#2. Warranty on inclusions and chiller unit – some food fodder systems have little or no warranties. Our food fodder systems include a three-year replacement warranty, not only on the standard inclusions but on the chiller unit as well.

#3. Produce 50kg to 500kg of green fodder a day – subject to the food fodder you choose. you also have the luxury of producing anywhere from 50 kg to 500 kg of fresh, nutritious fodder every day.

#4. Reduce livestock feed costs – with so much uncertainty and drought affecting livestock and your farming livelihood, our food fodder systems will help you reduce your livestock feed costs anywhere between 25% and 50%, subject to the model of food fodder you purchase.

#5. Automated process – Farm Fodder Direct hydroponic Food fodder Systems have many automated processes to reduce the amount of time and manual labour for you or your farmhands. With Automatic humidity and temperature controllers, automatic water spraying and automatic ozone sterilisation, this gives you more time to focus on other tasks on your farm.

#6. 32 to 300 trays – Our smallest hydroponic food fodder system comes with 32 trays, and our largest has 300, so with Farm Fodder Direct we have the food fodder system for you that can also grow with you and your livestock!

#7. No plastic waste, weed free, no machinery needed to feed out – An additional benefit of our hydroponic food fodder systems is that you can grow fresh green fodder that will be free of weeds, has no plastic wrap or string-like hay or silage, and requires no machinery to feed out!Just add grain, water and plug in!

Discover what’s next and more benefits today!

When it comes to livestock food fodder systems there is no shortage of choice. However, choosing the right food fodder system for your specific need is crucial. And even you if have knowledge and experience with food fodder systems, advancements in their features and technology are always taking place, which can make it hard to keep up and get the latest options.

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